Comforts of the South

Day of the Bat (25th), Harvest Moon, Year of the Titan

Kvarch Nar

The city of Kvarch Nar was a welcome sight after so many days in the wilderness. It was a graceful, tree-lined place.

Recalling Mylo the brandy merchant, they sought his house. They soon found it, a mansion on Wool Street, and gained admittance. Present were Mrs Mylo and another merchant named Jhonen, a friend and business partner of Mylo’s. They made the adventurers welcome, with warm beds and a delicious breakfast.

Jhonen told of the dangers of the eastern roads; that beastmen, bandits and even a sorcerer in a golden mask caused trouble for merchants heading that way.

Jhonen took it upon himself to escort them around town and help them with their errands. Yucta wanted to purchase a lead-lined box in which to conceal the sorcerer’s skull; and also to secure passage to Lankhmar. He felt sure that the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes would be an ideal market for the Icewyrm skull which they had so laboriously transported from frozen Olathoe.


In the market square, they chanced upon an argument between a man and a young woman, which had attracted a crowd of onlookers. The man had taken the woman’s arm and she was threatening to slap him. Yucta approached and the man stormed off. The young woman smiled. “I should reward my rescuers,” she said, and produced a gold crown for each, including the stunned Jhonen.

“Who are you?” asked Yucta as she walked away. “Look me up,” was her reply.

Silently, Jhonen turned over the coin to reveal the young woman’s profile. “Helena, daughter of Movarl, who is overlord of the Eight Cities”, he said.

From Lobster Wharf to the Inner Sea

Jhonen had organised (and paid for) passage to Lankhmar on the merchantman Pride of Sarheenmar, which was loaded with timber and ready to leave on the morning tide. Out of respect for Jhonen the captain delayed departure until the next day for the adventurers.

For three days the ship sailed across the Inner Sea, with the sailors singing:

I got wood in Kvarch Nar!
I got wood in Kvarch Nar!
I got wood
He got wood
We all got wood in Kvarch Nar!

He got wood
They got wood
I got stoned in Mlurg Nar

I got wood in Kvarch Nar!
I got wood in Kvarch Nar!
I got wood
We got wood
We all got wood in Kvarch Nar!

City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes!

dockside.pngLankhmar! Perhaps only in his dreams had Yucta, Ockasiola or the others seen such a city, though Kee Ree Nigh Ran-ax said that spired Tisinilit was a fairer place. The gleaming towers of the Rainbow Palace were visible first over the grey sea, then the bustling docks of the Harbour District on the banks of the brown River Hlal.

Yucta made arrangements with the harbourmaster to transfer the crate containing the dragon’s skull into a secure warehouse. The group then found themselves an inn in Nun Street, somewhat away from the noise of the docks and not far from the Great Library of Lankhmar.

A walk down the Street of the Gods

Ockasiola had heard from the sailors that temples of all the gods of the world could be found in Lankhmar on the Street of the Gods, though none could build their temple closer to the head of the street than the decrepit stone fane dedicated to the Gods of Lankhmar. Ockasiola wondered if the words of Storm Bull might be known in this great city.

They walked the length of the Street of the Gods, past droning priests and cultists of a thousand faiths. As they approached the Marsh Gate on the far side of the city, the tenements and temples became more and more shabby and small, with some cults even sharing addresses. Finally, Ockasiola spotted a set of lopsided horns — the sign of Storm Bull! Inside was a snoring priest with crumbs on his vestments. But he awoke and praised Storm Bull, especially when Ockasiola placed his gold coin on the collection tray.


nehwon nehwon

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