High Priest of the Ape Cult

Day of the Hare (1st) Black Witches’ Moon, Year of the Titan

The secret room

Exploring the temple in search of the High Priest, the adventurers discovered his secret inner sanctum and a trapped chest filled with temple silver. But no Sog-Sodhi.


A Conflagration of Adepts

While inside the priests room they heard shouts and noises. Following their ears they returned to the dining room where the Adepts of the Yellow Mountain had almost killed Ockasiola. More adepts were there, but Yucta dealt with them with Fire Powder. Flaming priests fell hither and yon.


The adventurers returned to the main temple. Ockasiola and the others pulled the huge jade statue of the Ape God to the ground with a crash. Behind was a secret door, a corridor and another secret room — with Sog-Sodhi and his enormous bodyguards, turbaned and armed with double-handed scimitars! Sog-Sodhi cast a wracking spell on Ockasiola, who was first through the door. But the adventurers were undeterred; they charged the high priest and his brutes and overwhelmed them after a sharp battle. The ape-cult had been defeated.


nehwon nehwon

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