Skull business

Day of the Beaver (29th), Harvest Moon, Year of the Titan

Jengo’s Famous Auction House

Yucta’s first reason for being in smoky Lankhmar was to find a buyer for the skull of the Icewyrm, which he and his companions had lugged all the way from the cold Northlands. Fortunately Blundar had heard of the Plaza of Dark Delights, where all goods are bought and sold. So they searched there and found Jengo’s Famous Auction House.

Jengo seemed to be legitimate. He directed Yucta, and Blundar to store their merchandise at his warehouse, which was located near the Grand Gate. Yucta decided to move their base from the tavern on Nun Street to a quiet inn called the Green Keg in the Plaza district, not far from the warehouse.

Blundar and Yucta travelled back to their inn via the Street of the Gods, where they dropped in on the priest of Storm Bull whom they had met earlier. He was excited. “Tell Ockasiola that there is a cult of Chaos — an ape god — to smite in this city!”. Yucta nodded and backed away slowly

A job for Black Garrick

When they arrived at their inn, they found a man in the bar waiting for them, surrounded by several scantily-clad slave girls. He offered them a drink and introduced himself as Black Garrick, a pious and upstanding member of the Thieves’ Guild, “the real power in this city”. He offered them a job to track down a couple of ‘rogue’ cutpurses, who he’d heard had surfaced at an abandoned shrine in the harbour district. In return he offered a handful of gold each, and the benignity of the Guild. And he needed the job done this night.

The abandoned shrine

Yucta and Blundar made their way to the shrine, surrounded by looming warehouses. The gate was chained and the building was surrounded by a high but crumbling wall, which they climbed easily. The shrine stood in an overgrown garden with a well. The grass had been trampled between the well and the church but otherwise grew wild. Blundar and Yucta entered the building through its ancient doors. Yucta’s glow globe cast light inside to reveal a huge mosaic of a spider inlaid in the floor. Several doors exited the chamber.


nehwon nehwon

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