The Savage North, session 1

Day of the Bat (25th), Satyr’s Moon, Year of the Titan

Into the forest

Yucta Axotylata helped Krassius-Vror to rig up a small sled. They loaded the Icewyrm’s head upon it. Krassius was keen to get moving back to town to claim his reward. The party set off into the vast snowy forest which surrounded the ruins of Olathoe. The snow crunched underfoot as they made their way slowly through the still, white woods. Evening came down quickly, and the chilly stars began to come out. It was time to make camp.

Spiders of Leng

They took watches. On Blundar’s watch, he sniffed the cold air. Something was not right. He looked up and saw five gigantic purplish spiders — each as big as a small room — descending quietly from the trees. He shouted a warning and loosed his loaded arbalest at one of the monsters — splattering its abdomen. Krassius-Vror hurled an axe and a second spider retreated, dripping green ichor. The remaining spiders squirted sticky webs which covered Yucta, Ockasiola and Blundar.

“The Spiders of Leng!” cried Tech-na as he jumped back from the webs. Then the spiders were upon them.

Krassius-Vror and Tech-na found themselves fighting for their lives while the others struggled to free themselves. Krassius-Vror nimbly dodged the poisonous mandibles and Tech-na interposed his staff. Blundar ripped the webs from himself and impaled one of the spiders with his rapier. It shrieked and turned to flee, dripping green goo from the wound. But then — disaster! Just as Ockasiola was struggling free Krassius-Vror tripped and fell on his back and the spider was upon him, biting and stinging. Krassius arched his back in agony and green foam came from his mouth. He was dead. Tech-na was distracted by the sight and the second spider bit him too. Agony wracked him from the poison and he knew no more.

Finally Yucta escaped from the webs and he, Blundar and Ockasiola killed one spider and drove off the other. The spiders retreated into the tree tops. Enraged, Yucta lit a huge fire at the base of the tree, but the spiders were no longer visible. They had disappeared back to the dream dimension.

Dreams up in smoke

The three survivors of the attack watched as the pyre consumed the bodies of their companions. Tech-na chuk chuk Wakae Hazar who had voyaged to the Moon and seen Thran the Beautiful was no more. Krassius-Vror’s dreams of wealth were at an end also. Yucta took the rune-engraved sorcerer’s skull and Tech-na’s pebble ring from Sarnath. Ockasiola took his sacred staff.

The next day, the ashes were cold. Yucta Axotylata, Blundar Oddly and Ockasiola the Zebran trudged onwards into the snow without looking back.


nehwon nehwon

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