The Savage North, session 3

Day of the Minnow (2nd), Harvest Moon, Year of the Titan

The Cold Waste

Bandits of the pass

Griffin Pass was behind them. Yucta Axotylata, Ockasiola, Blundar and Kee-Ree Nigh Ran-ax observed the Cold Waste before them: a desolate land of snowy forests and hills. Behind a nearby boulder there came a noise and out stepped several bandits, natives of the area. They demanded a toll, but their smiles faded when they saw the toughened warriors before them, and the Icewyrm head they carried. The bandits melted away into the hills.

Crag Don

A day after meeting the bandits, a smallish eagle appeared, landed on a tree for a while, then flew off a short distance before landing again. Ockasiola took it as a sign from Storm Bull. They followed the bird to a raised mound which was clearly inhabited — or had been recently. Smoke rose from the hill and around and about were Northerner bodies and signs of a recent battle. The adventurers hurried to the hilltop. This was Crag Don, a holy place for the barbarians.

In the Druid’s hut

Ockasiola recalled that the Northmen were ruled by their women. Sure enough they found a wounded Great Druid being tended by her acolyte. The Druidess was Quinn: Medicine Woman. She told them that the mound had been attacked by Wodemen from the foothills. The Wodemen had taken prisoners, including Quinn’s neice Gwyneth. She urged the adventurers to give immediate chase, offering fresh horses. Ockasiola agreed at once. Quinn spoke to the eagle who had guided them here and it transformed into a bald man. He was a druid called Aranduil, who had accidentally been trapped in eagle form on the way here. He decided to join in the hunt for the Wodeman war party.

The Wodemen hunt

cibo00_Haida_Indian_Tattoo.pngA chill wind blew across the plain as the riders pursued their quarry. The tracks were easy to follow. Near the end of the day they spotted a dead Wodeman, his corpse withered sucked and drained by sorcery.

On the second day of the hunt they found the ashes of the Wodemen campfire and encountered two trappers who had seen the war party headed for the sinister Forest of Ayoon nearby.

The forest of Ayoon

Dusk was falling as they entered the darkening forest of Ayoon. They had not gone far when arrows started flying their way – from Wodeman sentries high in the trees. The sentries were quickly killed, but not before they sounded a warning. Blundar scaled a tree and spotted a clearing containing a mound of ancient standing stones. There were drum noises coming from the clearing.

Battle at the old mound

They entered the clearing. The shaman was there, wielding a huge sacrificial knife over the hostages, who were tied to the standing stones. With a roar the Wodemen charged over the crest to do battle! Ockasiola, Blundar, Yucta and Kee-Ree fought off the horde. Aranduil changed into eagle form and launched himself screaming at the shaman. The eagle raked the shaman with its talons, then transformed back into the druid and CRACK! broke the shaman’s arm with a blow from his quaterstaff. Meanwhile, the Wodemen were being beaten back in spite of their fanaticism. Soon all were dead, the shaman’s demonic ritual prevented and the prisoners freed.

Three days later the heroes returned to Crag Don, where a the druids prepared a feast in their honour.


The bald eagle strikes! Keeeee!

The Savage North, session 3
nehwon nehwon

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