The Spider-God's temple

Night of the Beaver (29th), Harvest Moon, Year of the Titan

Evening at the warehouse

Kee Ree and Ockasiola did not want to wait at the warehouse. They ventured into the streets in search of Yucta and Blundar

Enfreel the beggar

Ockasiola helped Enfreel the beggar reach the Green Keg Inn. Enfreel told them he had seen Yucta in the old part of the docks.

Reunited at the old church

With some luck and Kee-Ree’s keen eyes and tracking skills, he and Ockasiola found the old church and scaled the wall, just in time to see Blundar and Yucta at the entrance.

Spider guardian

There were several lightless rooms in the church. In one, a paper-rustly giant un-dead spider attacked them. They defeated it and found a trapdoor, from which chanting could be heard.

The new-formed cult

Kee-Ree descendend the staircase and found a basement temple with six chanting cultists. He heard two of them say their names. Stealthily he advanced upon them — then struck with his whirling blades! Almost before Yucta and Blundar could join the fight, it was over.

Black Garrick’s reward

Back at the Noisy Nun, Black Garrick seemed surprised about the spider cult, but paid his agreed fist of gold to all four.


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