"Troubled Waters" session seven, 26th March 2010

The Battle of Harpoon

In the pre-dawn darkness of the Day of the Hawk, Grandad’s boat lay gently rocking at anchor at the Pool of Kinope. Suddenly, a fountain of chilly river water splashed over the side, shocking Kannan, Yucta and Davros into wakefulness. It was Brighteye, the giant catfish priest of Zola Fel. A fish had brought him word that a gigantic gorp as big as a temple had settled in the riverbed near the Sun County town of Harpoon. The famous spear thrower which gave the town its name had been fired several times at the monster but to no effect, and the Sun Dome soldiers were due to arrive in the town by noon. Brighteye drily suggested he would love to watch the great heroes deal with this menace. Within minutes, Grandad had the sloop ready for departure.

By early morning the skiff approached Harpoon. The air was rank and acidic as they caught sight of the gorp, fully 25 metres in diameter and partially blocking the river channel, surrounded by stripped trees and partially dissolved fishermens’ huts. The bluffs were lined with crowds of Sun Domers, and the military templars had set up a command tent at the top of the bluff. Sun Dome soldiers were everywhere.

Brighteye would not deal with the Sun Domers directly. Davros Thanatos approached the guards at the perimeter, and persuaded them to give him an audience with Lady Vega Goldbreath, militia leader of Sun County. She listened carefully and led the three heroes to the command tent, where their information was assessed by the full Sun Dome command. Although some of the commanders were skeptical, Thanatos and Yucta managed to persuade them that they were dealing with a breeder gorp like the one they had encountered in the pool with the Agimori. Davros told the council of the gorp’s weaknesses and the likely effects of its destruction.

The council discussed how to destroy it, how to protect from its acid damage, and how to destroy the micro gorp which would be released into the water upon its destruction. Brighteye provided magically purified water, and Yucta assisted Lady Vega’s bodyguard Alalia to rig the great spear thrower to be able to fling the water effectively. Davros Thanatos talked strategy for hunting the micro gorp, receiving the help from newtlings. Without delay, Lord Invictus of the Sun County Templars ordered the attack to commence.

With Yucta’s grenades of pure water, fire arrows and spells from the Sun Domers, the colossal gorp soon exploded, splashing acid all around. Beneath the waters of the river lurked Davros and Yucta, using the powers of their stigmata to breathe under water. Davros used his witch sight to help track the micro gorp, and the pair used leather bags to catch the acidic creatures and fling them to the bank, where they could be despatched by soldiers with flaming torches and swords. The huge gorp had been defeated.

Lady Vega awarded Thanatos, Yucta and Kannan with a golden wheel medal each, and the Sun Dome militia packed up and left Harpoon (with one backward glance from Alalia to Yucta as she departed). The riverfolk were far more expressive of their joy, celebrating their ‘River Voices’ deep into the night.


nehwon nehwon

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