Feroza the Boatman

Dark stranger of the Dreamlands, former Zola Fel initiate and fisherman


STR 13 CON 12 SIZ 9
INT 10 POW 10 DEX 13 APP 10
Hit Points 11(/11)  Magic Points 10/10
Damage Bonus: none
Idea: 50% Luck: 50% Dexterity:65% Charisma:50%
Age: 23

Weapons: 1H Trident (floats) 61%, damage 1D8+1; Self Bow (floats) 57%, damage 1D6+1; Dagger 68%, damage 1D4+2; Dagger (left hand) 52%. Can fight with trident and dagger and is good at underwater fighting.

Armour: Soft oiled waterproof leather 1 AP

Skills: Art (Ceremony) 25%, Conceal Obj. 45%, Craft Netmaking 34%, Craft Boat Repair 27%, Dodge 55%, Dreaming 16%, Dream Lore 25%, Evaluate 23%, Fast Talk 42%, Hide 30%, Known Kingdoms 21%, River Lore 51%, Listen 47%, Move Quietly 27%, Natural World 69%,Low Lankhmarese 25%, Boat Speech 51%, Seaspeech 34%, Repair/Devise 30%, Sailing 67%, Search 51%, Swim 75%, Zola-Fel Cult Knowledge 38%

81 extra skill points

Equipment: waterproof satchel

Runes of Zola Fel
hand-with-runes.pngFeroza’s palms are tatooed with three runes from the River God Zola Fel in indelible blue symbolising Water, Movement and Harmony. Feroza will not use these runes unless very sorely pressed. They have the following powers:

  • “Sight be granted by Zola Fel” — River Eyes, 1 MP to cast (spirit magic), allows the user to see through water as if it were air, with no reflections or refraction
  • “Breath be granted by Zola Fel” — Breathe Water2, caster can breathe underwater for 15 mins
  • Extension IV, allows Breathe Water to be extended to last up to 240 minutes (4 hours). Feroza can not make use of this spell, as he has not performed any special tasks on behalf of the Zola Fel river.

The latter two spells can be recharged by a Zola Fel temple ceremony (which Feroza would be reluctant to attend).

Fame : 1

  1. for being marked by Zola Fel as a River Voice

Infamy : 3

  1. for fleeing his responsibilities as a River Voice
  2. for serving Nyarlathotep in the Dreamlands as the Watcher Between Worlds
  3. for stealing the River God’s Pearl in the Dreamlands

I was a fisherman on the Zola Fel River, but I dreamed of having great adventures. One day, this man [Yucta] and a dark robed one boarded my boat to cross the river, not far from Pavis. Half way across, a huge gorp loomed out of the river, overturned the boat and I lost consciousness in the water. When I awoke I was on a mud bank. I saw my passengers sprawled unconscious nearby. When I went to wipe my face I saw these runes [shows the blue runes on his hands]. I knew what those runes meant — after all, I was once an initiate of Zola Fel. He had cursed me to give my life for the river. I did not want to die. I did not want to be cursed in that way. I fled. And because I knew that the runes would be recognised wherever I went on the river, I fled there too.

I feared the nomads to the west so I travelled east to Vulture Country. There I had the misfortune to be captured by Ogres and imprisoned in a lightless cave below their stead. I despaired. I prayed to every god except Zola Fel for release. And one heard me, a dark god. He showed me how to reach this marvellous Dreamlands, but there was a price. I had to use a black stone He gave me to lure sorcerers into the Dreamlands. So I did it. I don’t know what happened to the ones I lured, though now I fear the worst. When I saw Yucta again I knew the game was up. I ran away. For a little while I was free. But then His servants came for me, the Moonbeasts. They captured me and took me to the Man in the Moon, another servant of Him. Now you have rescued me, I am in your debt. I am sorry now for the trouble I’ve caused.

Once called Feroza Netmender, He is the third of the River Voices, the boatman who ferried Yucta Axotylata and Davros Thanatos across the Zola Fel when it was engulfed by the giant gorp. Yucta knew nothing of him until he saw his runes and pursued him into the Dreamlands.

Waking first in the mud near Corflu, he immediately realised the significance of the runes.

His faith in Zola Fel had been wavering and seeing the runes he feared for his life. He fled the river and was captured by the ogres of Pola Stead in the borderlands of Vulture Country (the southwestern border of the Quarmall Barrens).

Locked in a dungeon, he prayed to any gods but Zola Fel for his release.

Nyarlathotep heard, gave him the dreaming stone, in exchange for him acting as the Lord of Three Worlds and tempting powerful sorcerers into the Dreamlands with the lure of eternal life. The beauty, magic and adventure of the Dreamlands, not to mention the difference from his squalid state in the waking world amazed Feroza. The black stone gave him power and he used that power…irresponsibly.

When Yucta recognised his runes he fled, abandoning his task, fearing the wrath of Zola Fel. Later he was captured by Moonbeasts and taken to the Man in the Moon. He was rescued by Yucta Axotylata, Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar and Landen Donovan and is grateful to them.

The boatman’s motivations: life, freedom, wanderlust. All are now threatened in all three worlds. Feroza is generally optimistic and naive. He has now seen more of the Dreamlands (some he would prefer to forget) than his own world. He knows that he is hunted in the Dreamlands and a prisoner in the waking world. He will not wish to return to that state without hope of rescue.

Feroza is grateful to Yucta for his life and liberty, though the Kleshite wants nothing to do with him. Feroza will no doubt continue his selfish wanderings, hopefully not getting into more trouble.

Feroza the Boatman

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