Vredni Vorastor

The Man in the Moon


Notes to supplement Vredni’s stats on Dreaming Stone p.36

DEX 17 INT 18
Hit points 20
Magic points 38


  • Awful Doom of Cerrit: 9MP per round, molten lead through bones, 20 yards -1D6 CON (DL 22)
  • Bloat 16MP, 2 rounds to cast bloats target, incapable of movement (DL 22)
  • Cascades of Florin, 2 rounds to cast, costs POW, -1d6 Magic points to opponents per POW point expended
  • Concentric Rings of the Worm, 10MP, barrier -6D6 from physical attacks (DL 22)
  • Contact Nyarlathotep
  • Contact Moonbeast
  • Create Zombie
  • Dread Curse of Azathoth, 4MP, MP:MP victim loses 1D3 POW (CoC 76)
  • Enthrall Victim
  • Eviscerator, 2 rounds, 30 yards, rips victim 1D6 per 8 MP (DL 23)
  • Fist of Yog-Sothoth
  • Flesh Ward
  • Halt of Eanora, 4MP per SIZ of target, 5 rounds, turns target to stone (DL 23)
  • Implant Suggestion, POW to make suggestion (Dreaming Stone p.37)
  • Lace Curtains of Hish, 3MP per round, 2 rounds to cast, reduces visibility (DL 23)
  • Lassitude of Phein, 8MP, 2 rounds to cast, MP:MP causes sleep (DL 23)
  • Living X, 8MP, 2 rounds to cast, MP:MP or paralyse speadeagled upright (DL 24)
  • Maws of Pandemonium, 6MP per mouth, 3 rounds to cast, each mouth drains 1MP per minute from victim, who cannot sneak
  • Mindblast
  • Nightmare
  • The Ravening Madness, 12MP, 2 rounds to cast, Nightmare effect if SAN check failed (as per DL pp.5-6), (DL 24)
  • Remortification
  • Send Dreams
  • Soul Stealer
  • Summon/Bind Servitor of the Outer Gods
  • Summon/Bind Shade
  • Throth’s Stalwart, 6MP per round, 2 rounds to cast, doubles caster’s STR, CON, DEX (DL 25). In VV’s case: STR 38, CON 42, DEX 34, Hit points 31, Damage bonus +3D6
  • Whirligig, 8MP, 2 rounds to cast, 10 foot range, MP:MP whirlwind seizes victim (DL 25)
  • Woeful Itch, 4MP, incapacitates with itchiness until CONx5 (DL 25)
  • Wrack

The Man in the Moon was impaled by Sir Thrakus.

Vredni Vorastor

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