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  • three-lands-seventh-session

    h2. The Mansion on the Moon h3. Giant steps are what you take Amid the strange shadows of the scraggly fungus forest, the adventurers prepared for their walk across the lunar plain to the Mansion of the Moon. [[:thrakus | Sir Thrakus]] bounded ahead …

  • three-lands-eighth-session

    h3. Attack of the Lunar Knights The black vapours emitted from the alien thing swirled around in the entry hall of the Mansion of the Moon. Somewhere inside the cloud clanked two of the dark-armoured Lunar knights; their sounds were muted. !(media- …

  • Captain Own'ey

    Rescued from the dungeon beneath the Mansion in the Moon by [[:yucta-axotylata | Yucta Axotylata]], [[:landen-donovan | Landen Donovan]] and [[:tech-na | Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar]].

  • Jeth Sinterlaine

    First mate of [[:captain-own-ey | Captain Own'ey]]; similarly rescued from the dungeon of the [[:vredni-vorastor | Man in the Moon]] by [[:yucta-axotylata | Yucta Axotylata]], [[:thrakus | Sir Thrakus]], [[:landen-donovan | Landen Donovan]] and [[:tech-na …