Gods of Nehwon

The gods in Lankhmar (that is, the gods and candidates for divinity who dwell or camp, it may be said, in the Imperishable City, not the gods of Lankhmar — a very different and most secret and dire matter)…the gods in Lankhmar sometimes seem as if they must be as numberless as the grains of sand in the Great Eastern Desert.

Lean Times in Lankhmar

There are many gods mentioned in the Swords tales. Here I’ll briefly list some gods and divine entities who have influenced my campaign.

Al-Nisr, the Eagle, Champion of the South

Not exactly a god, but a hero of Tisinilit who spread a philosophy of Law — the Eagle’s Way — to the Lankhmar Continent, especially the Lakes of Pleea and Berghof. Al-Nisr was a great hero, who came from the East long ago on his pegasus Durpar in search of (according to the Book of the Eagle’s Way) the Holy Grail. He travelled by the Beggar City of Tovilyis, where he met his scribe Qima, whom he cured of the Blue Pox. Al-Nisr cleared the Lakes of monsters, driving them deep into the Forest of Sibilan. Still seeking the Grail, he never returned from an expedition to the Red Rock, but he left a legacy of goodness and justice which was never forgotten by the Lake Men. Al-Nisr possessed a magical sword and medallion, neither of which have ever been recovered.

Astalon, Sky-lord of Law

Astalon is worshipped in Berghof and appears as a Pegasus. Perhaps this is a reference to Al-Nisr’s flying mount Durpar, who survived the hero’s death. The religions of Astalon and Al-Nisr are philosophically similar.

Bainra, the Undead Spider

A few cultists attempted to revive this banned cult in Lankhmar. Unfortunately for them, their efforts were defeated.


A nature cult with influence across the Forest of Sibilan, though not so much beyond that any more. Aranduil of Waylorn is a Druid.

Hecate, mistress of the Moon and magic

Hecate is referenced in the Rime Isle tales and has been worshipped by several characters: Arden Starfall of the Fellowship of Mystery, Quarn the Mingol Sorcerer are two notables.

The Red God of the East

The Red God is the patron of the fire sorcerers of the Eastern Lands, and those of their number who have settled in Moorsh on the eastern side of the Lankhmar Continent, including Griflet’s rogue son Westley.

Shark Cult

Another underground (or underwater?) cult which celebrates chaos and bloodletting. This one is popular in Ilthmar and other wild coasts, and may be related to sunken Simorgya. Recently the Shark Cult had its cultish activities disrupted at Earth’s End.

Simatala, the White Ape God

The vicious Ape cult of the East was banned in Lankhmar but still flourished in secret, until the temple was raided.

Straasha, god of the waves

Griflet’s daughter Buttercup in Antim Town worships Straasha

Storm Bull, smiter of Chaos

Kannan Kannanson and Ockasiola the Zebran are noted followers of this strong-willed deity of the southern plains. There is also a priest of Storm Bull in Lankhmar.

The Thirteen Perfect Eagles

One of many animal cults in Nehwon which hold that there are thirteen perfect avatars of pure Eagle form. Those in the cult aspire to shapechange into eagles, most perfect of birds. Aranduil of Waylorn has found his allegiance straying toward this cult.

Zola Fel, river god of the south

The Zola Fel river is named after this being, who was influential in the Troubled Waters campaign. Zola Fel has permanently marked Yucta Axotylata and Feroza the Boatman (as well as Davros Thanatos, but he is no more).

Gods of Nehwon

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