Stranger dimensions

Nehwon and the Dreamlands

There are many connections between Nehwon and the Dreamlands. These are known as ‘soft places’ because it is easy to slip between the worlds there. Here are some known regions:

  • The entire land of Mnar and the cold wastes of Lomar are somewhat betwixt both worlds
  • The Isle of Xenophon has a gate which transports to an intermittently present island near Oriab. Did the Elves travel though this to Nehwon many years ago?
  • The Horn Gate near the River of Cradles is another such dream portal
  • The caverns beneath Pola Stead in Black Mesa, where Feroza was imprisoned is another such nexus

Connections to other worlds

Ningauble’s twisting caves near Ilthmar are known to connect other worlds to Nehwon

Stranger dimensions

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