The Quarmall Barrens

War council

16th Satyr’s Moon, Year of the Sea Serpent

“Elves hear me well…. it seems Quarmall stirs again. I have news of an Assasin riding from Quarmalls dark tunnels. Tomorow Master Helias and the King’s guard will accompany me south to the Tunnels entrance to find this wretched Quarmallian. Law shall prevail!”

“While I am gone I expect those who remain to be vigilant and continue your tasks with the utmost diligence. This town is an important trading center linking us to resources and allies we may well need in the future. Your mission is not without significance, tend to it well. Law is dominion! It stands immutable before all!”

“Let us drink the elven wine and remember well our allegiance to each other.”

In the grey morning mist Griflet rides leaves the half-constructed town and rides southward to the main force building the tower above the Hek encampment. Along the way he informs Helias of the Quarmallian boy king and asks his counsel.

“What would the Masters in Toviliyis think?? Have no Quarmallians dared enter the city beneath before??”

(11th October 2006)

Into the Barrens

Kellin, Griflet, 5 scouts, 5 royal bodyguard, 2 Hek Scouts

19th depart
Past Ruvanti, stonemason of the Hungertongue Bridge

22nd the Barrens

25th Pillar of Zedani

Sneaked into Elven fortress
Spotted Iphegenia
Set trap for Elven forces
Captured Iphegenia by night
She agreed to provide guidance to the Temple


The Quarmall Barrens

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