Guardians of the Ape Cult

Day of the Hare (1st), Black Witches’ Moon, Year of the Titan

Prisoners of the Ape Cult

One of the prisoners of the Ape Cult was braver than the others. He was a sailor named Dorf who had been shanghaied by the cultists. Ockasiola welcomed him to the fight against the Ape Cult, and urged the other prisoners to pay their respects to Storm Bull.

Aranduil led the other prisoners through the sewers to the entrance, where he released them.

A merciful kindness

The savage ape of the cultists had been driven mad by cruelty. Aranduil used his powers to put it to sleep, and then he ended its sad life.

After some further investigation they found Dorf’s confiscated gear. A cultist came down the stairs to investigate, but Blundar shot and killed him. The group climbed the stairs.

Guards of the Upper Level

Late afternoon sunshine streamed through high windows. They found themselves near twin guard rooms, where off-duty guards gambled. The adventurers attacked them, causing them to flee outside. Ockasiola pursued them into a walled compound around the hidden temple. More guards from the gate ran to intercept — this time armed and armoured. Ockasiola fought them, and his friends caught up to help. Aranduil meanwhile (somewhat disgusted by the violence), circled above in eagle form, observing the melee below.

The guards were no match for the adventurers, though Dorf took a nasty wound in the side. Blundar and Dorf stabbed several through the heart, and Kee-Ree and Ockasiola’s arrows finished off the ones at the gate. One guard surrendered but Ockasiola killed him in anger when he admitted to worshipping the Ape God.

A silence descended on the bloody courtyard and the adventurers mounted the wide steps of the Temple of the Ape God.


nehwon nehwon

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