Aranduil of Waylorn (a.k.a. The Bald Eagle)

Druid of Sibilan


Skills in bold have changed since last time:
Day of the Lizard (8th), Harvest Moon, Year of the Titan
Crag Don ([7/3/2014])

Law 5, Balance 8, Chaos 5
Druidism 34
STR 11 CON 15 SIZ 12
INT 13 POW 17 DEX 12 APP 14
Hit Points 14(/14)  Magic Points 17/17
Damage Bonus: None
Idea: 65% Luck: 85% Dexterity:60% Charisma:70%
Age: 23

Weapons: Quarterstaff 75%, damage 1D8, 20(/20) HP,

Armour: Soft leather 1D6-1

Skills: Art (Drawing) 26%, Bargain 15%, Brawl 50%, Climb 40%, Conceal Obj. 25%, Craft (Animal Husbandry) 13%, Craft 05%, Disguise 35%, Dodge 44%, Evaluate 35%, Fast Talk 37%, Hide 20%, Insight 68%, Jump 25%, Known Kingdoms 30%, Knowledge (Tulan) 52%, Listen 46%, Move Quietly 30%, Natural World 80%, Navigate 31%, Oratory 36%, Low Lankhmarese 65%, Physik 70%,Pick Lock 25%, Potions 54%, Repair/Devise 48%, Ride 55%, Sailing 35%, Scent/Taste 25%, Scribe 40%, Search 32%, Swim 25%, Throw 25%, Track 60%, Trap 25%, Unknown Kingdoms 00%, Wrestle 25%

Equipment: Horse (Mossy), 2599 bronzes plus a 500 bronze investment in Tulan’s Goat Island breeding program (no returns as yet).

Quarter Staff, Sickle, Knife, Jouneyman clothes, boots, travel cloak, canteen, skillet, pot, mortar and pestle, shovel, 2 torches, bedroll, druidic amulet (heirloom), grimoire, quill, ink, charcoal, food

Buzzard Eyes (1) control bird and see through its eyes
Healing Trance (1-8) target heals for 1d8 days, one hit point per day
Liken Shape (4) Target assumes aspect of another person or animal, does not change SIZ
Animal Mastery (Divine magic — spell cost is 1 MP + cost in Druidism Allegiance points. From Spell Law p.29):

  1. Animal Sleep I
  2. Animal Restoration I
  3. Animal Tongues
  4. Animal Sleep III
  5. Animal Mastery I
  6. Animal Location
  7. Befriending
  8. Animal Restoration II
  9. Animal Empathy
  10. Animal Summons I
  11. Animal Mastery III
  12. Animal Call
  13. Animal Reviving I
  14. Call of the Wild
  15. Animal Mastery V
  16. Animal Restoration III
  17. Animal Summons V
  18. Animal Reviving II
  19. Animal Summons X
    25. Animal Master True
    30. Animal Reviving III
    50. Animal Summons True

Fame: 2

  1. Saved the Black Hats of Berghof from disgrace
  2. Rescued the Crag Don prisoners from the Wodemen

Aranduil is a young druid with a shiny bald head. He hails from Waylorn in the Forest of Sibilan. Weary of the endless politicking of the druids, he crossed the Mountains of Hunger in search of adventure and bird-watching.

After his adventure with the Black Hats, Aranduil remained in Tulan, working on Garden Island and making some investments with agriculturalists there. In the early Year of the Titan he undertook a couple of missions on behalf of the Black Hats and was well rewarded. But a petty government official accused him of being in league with bandits. Aranduil was pronounced innocent, but found the charms of Tulan had worn thin and it was time to move on.

Aranduil likes to travel in the form of an eagle, which has earned him the moniker “The Bald Eagle”.

Aranduil of Waylorn (a.k.a. The Bald Eagle)

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