Christian of the High Passes

Versatile warrior of the Mountains of Darkness


Skills in bold have changed since last time:
Day of the Mouse (19th), Lovers’ Moon, Year of the Burning Mountain
Lankhmar ([21/3/2021])

Law 7, Balance 16, Chaos 9

STR 15 CON 14 SIZ 15
INT 13 POW 17 DEX 12 APP 10
Hit Points 10(/12)  Magic Points 11/11
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Idea: 65% Luck: 85% Dexterity:60% Charisma:45%
Age: 24


  • Battle Ax 118% (crit 24), damage 1D8+2 +1D4
  • Shield 106%
  • Hunting Bow and 20 Arrows 57% 1D6+1 +1D2
  • Dagger 25%
  • Iron Claw 25%

Armour: Half-plate and Mail 1D8+2

Skills: Bargain 20%, Brawl 112% (crit. 22), Climb 60%, Conceal Obj. 25%, Disguise 15%, Dodge 65%, Evaluate 20%, Fast Talk 20%, Hide 38%, Insight 66%, Jump 55%, Known Kingdoms 21%, Knowledge (Lankhmar) 41%, Listen 49%, Move Quietly 50%, Natural World 42%, Navigate 29%, Oratory 05%, Speak Low Lankhmarese 65%, Physik 41%, Pick Lock 05%, Potions 00%, Repair/Devise 53%, Ride 81%, Sailing 48%, Scent/Taste 21%, Scribe 00%, Search 88%, Swim 50%, Throw 42%, Track 10%, Trap 05%, Unknown Kingdoms 00%, Wrestle 64%

Equipment: Horse – Olandia CON 14 SIZ 33 MOV 12 HP 24

  • Family memento necklance (4 bronze)
  • Tack
  • Blanket
  • Flint and Steel
  • Backpack
  • Target shield
  • Excellent Travellers’ cloak
  • 6 Torches
  • 5 days’ food
  • Lantern and oil
  • 30 yards of Rope
  • Bronze skillet

Member of the Lankhmar Slayers’ Brotherhood
Is always welcome at the Silver Eel Tavern


  • Hell’s Armour (1-4 MP)
  • Hell’s Razor (1-4 MP)
  • Hell’s Talons (1-4 MP)

Fame: 11

  1. Raided the Red God’s Temple in Lankhmar
  2. Protected the Silver Eel from Thieves’ Guild thugs
  3. Defeated pirates in the Sea of the East
  4. Ambushed the Diamond Knights
  5. Escorted Kendall to Ilthmar
  6. Defeated the Werewolf of Pulgh Downs
  7. Dealings with Wizards including Quarn and Lucidia
  8. Saved Earth’s End from the Shark Cult
  9. Sailor on board the the infamous Shark
  10. Rid Lankhmar of the Gold Demon
  11. Foil Khahkht’s wintry plans for Lankhmar

Christian is a tough warrior and brawler, native of the Mountains of Darkness. His village was taken over by the evil birds of Tyaa, and one day he plans to return with vengeance to his homeland. He is currently based in Lankhmar, where he freelances for the Slayer’s Brotherhood there. During journey across the Sea of the East to Kadesh (also on board were Morgan of Vil-Ning and Kissla of Illek-Ving), Christian was attacked by pirates but helped to drive them off. In Kadesh, Christian was tricked by Prince Muburuk into leading a band of thugs and mercenaries to ambush several Diamond Knights, one of whom (named Kendall) he later saved and escorted to Ilthmar. On his way back to Lankhmar he defeated the Werewolf of Pulgh Downs at the Halfbrow farmstead near Dryways.

On Christian’s next journey from Lankhmar he escorted a mad wizard across the Inner Sea to Ool Hrusp. The wizard was consumed by a sorcerous pox, and Christian took his scrolls and a strange fish-like living key as payment for his services. In Ool Hrusp, Christian met Lucidia (with whom he got on well) and Quarn. However Lucidia stole the living key and escaped.

Disgruntled, Christian took ship for Lankhmar but was blown off course by the rage of the Sea King (actually directed at Quarn and Lucidia, but having general effect throughout the Inner Sea). Christian ended up in Earth’s End with fellow travellers Cunelas, Black Arrow and Maelin. There he found strange sightings of Blue Men, and staged an ambush of a trio of shady adventurers. When Christian finally returned to Lankhmar, he helped to save the city from the Gold Demon which threatened it..

Christian of the High Passes

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