Sailor of Klelg Nar


Skills in bold have changed since last time: Day of the Hare (1st), Black Witch’s Moon, Year of the Titan

_ Lankhmar ([2017-03-31 Fri])_

Law 4, Balance 5, Chaos 0

STR 12 CON 11 SIZ 12 INT 15 POW 14 DEX 14 APP 13

Hit Points /9/(/12) Magic Points 14/14 Damage Bonus: none Idea: 75% Luck: 70% Dexterity: 42% Charisma:65%

Age: 23

Looks, attitude: Brown hair, Long greasy ponytail, short weathered beard

Weapons: Short Sword (Kukri) 75% [damage 1d6+1], Dagger 25% [damage 1D4+2], The Strangler’s Quarterstaff 25% [damage 1D8]

Armour: Leather and Rings (AP 1d6+1, ENC 3)

Skills: Bargain 35%, Climb 60%, Conceal Obj. 45%, Disguise 45%, Dodge 33%, Evaluate 35%, Fast Talk 35%, Hide 60%, Insight 50%, Jump 30%, Known Kingdoms 30%, Listen 30%, Move Quietly 40%, Natural World 45%, Navigate 30%, Oratory 25%, Low Lankhmarese 95%, Forest Tongue 20% Pick Lock 45%, Repair/Devise 61%, Ride 35%, Sailing 30%, Scent/Taste 15%, Search 81%, Swim 45%, Throw 31%, Track 44%, Trap 05%, Wrestle 29%

Lankhmar Reputation 20%

Equipment: Oyster amulet necklace, showing his connection to his people.

Fame: 1

  1. for ridding Lankhmar of the Ape Cult of Simalata


1 owed by Storm Bull


Dorf’s people were poor fisherfolk from near the port of Kleg Nar who had been dispossessed by the growth of that city. Dorf grew up stealing on the docks until one day he was caught trying to steal from a merchant captain. Instead of throwing him overboard, the captain took him on as a cabin boy. Since then Dorf has sailed the five seas (well, most of them) in search of adventure and profit. His ship was attacked by Ape Cultists and he was taken as a prisoner to their temple in Lankhmar. When Ockasiola the Zebran rescued him from being eaten by savage apes Dorf decided to join his adventuring group.


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