Elf, Lord of Whispering Earth, Dragon-slayer, Champion of Law


Day of the Bat (25th), Satyr’s Moon (Autumn), Year of the Sea
Serpent (on an outcrop of the Mountains of Hunger in the Quarmall Barrens)[11/1/2006] updated with skill checks [22/6/2013]

Skills in bold have increased since last updated.
Law 189, Balance 37, Chaos 15
STR 15 CON 11(9) SIZ 12 INT 14 POW 14 DEX 18
APP 15(14) Hit Points12(12)
Damage Bonus: +1D4 Idea 70% Luck 70% Dexterity 90%
Charisma 75%

Weapons: Coryon’s White Bone Bow “The Moonbow”, Elven heirloom.
Longbow 182%, damage 2D6+1+1D2. The bow is superbly crafted and
carved and has double normal longbow hit points (24).
2x ancient Elven Shortswords 226% (Off-hand shortsword 113%),
damage 1D6+2+1D4
Rapier 113%, damage 1D6+1+1D4 (damaged; 7 of 15 HP remaining)
2 ancient Elven Dagger 83%, damage 2D4+3
2 ancient Elven Throwing Daggers 32%, damage 1D4+1D2+1
Club/Light Mace 61% (not carried)
Brawl 61%, damage 1D3+1D4
Wrestle 25%, damage special. Wrestle can parry Wrestle or Brawl and
can subdue attacks made with hand-to-hand weapons.

Armour: Royal Plate (2D8+1)
or Elfin Chain (1D8+1)
or Courtly Clothes (1D4-1)

Skills: Art (Courtly Manners) 28%, Art (Architecture) 10%, Art
(Music) 05%, Bargain 31%, Climb 78%, Conceal Obj. 25%, Craft
(Smithing) 05%, Craft (Boat-Building) 11%, Disguise 45%, Dodge
160%, Dream Lore 02%, Evaluate 42%, Fast Talk 34%, Hide 89% (99% with stealth
clothes, 109% due to no shadow), Insight 114%, Jump 62%, Listen
96%, Million Spheres 04%, Move Quietly 88%, Natural World 81%,
Navigate 90%, Oratory 78%, Elvish 85%, Low Lankhmarese 83%,
Niebelung 06%, Physik 54%, Pick Lock 50%, Potions 00%,
Repair/Devise 77%, Ride 80%, Sailing 48%, Scent/Taste 63%, Scribe
35%, Search 96%, Swim 28%, Throw 25%, Track 98%, Trap 65%, Known
Kingdoms 88%, Unknown Kingdoms 11%, Sleight of Hand 30%, House
Protector Battle Language 90%. 

Notes: Griflet’s left hand is maimed from a battle injury (Karl
Krackspine). As Champion of Law, Griflet can add his Law points to
a skill check 3 times/session (but receives no experience for
calling upon Law in this way). He has a 1% chance to call upon the
Powers of Law directly, if need be. Since the death of Mysteriones,
Griflet’s shadow is always faint, even in bright light. This adds
+10% to hide rolls.

Equipment: Courtly clothes of silk and steel with concealed
file, fine silk sash rope (25 metres, STR 20), attached robe of
fine quality (chuba robe, when attached properly reduces fall
damage by +1D6 on a successful Jump roll). Black Stealthy Clothes
(+10% to Hide) with concealable scabbards. Keys to Castle Kulg,
Backpack, Silver Brooch with green serpent emblem (the emblem of
the Grey Man’s Druids), Scroll (captured from psychotic black dude,
report to commander Gralik M’ai of Tovilyis regarding invasion of
Lakes of Pleea with beggar army), 20 Arrows, Flint & Steel,
Bahariye (war horse STR 31, CON 13, SIZ 32, POW 9, DEX 9, MOV
12, HP 23, DB +3D6), Mudanya (swift riding horse STR 26, CON
16, SIZ 28, POW 7, DEX 10, MOV 12, HP 22(20), DB +2D6)

Celedril’s Rune. Celedril’s rune is cut deeply into Griflet’s
chest. The rune not only identifies Griflet as Celedril’s son and
heir, it has magical properties. It is charged with three magic
points. At the cost of 1 Chaos point, the rune can increase any one
skill by 30 percentiles during a single day and night. At the end
of this period, two magic points drain from the rune. The full
effect of the rune can be drawn upon for twelve more hours, at
which time the rune evaporates, unless recharged with two new magic
points. The rune of Celedril lasts for life unless broken by wound
or injury, or drained of all magic points. To maintain its magic,
every nine moons the rune must be re-cut while meditating on the
wonders of Law.

Law Stone of Griflet, enchanted item. A tetrahedron of
blood-red stone which once belonged to Coryon, who fashioned it
into the Icon of the Dragon before it was transformed back by
Celedril in the Tower of Zecy. The Law Stone now lies embedded in
Whispering Earth.

The Horn of Prince Podgett, enchanted item. The horn, once owned
by Prince Podgett of the Stormlands, may only be blown once every
seven days. It summons 2-5 berserk warriors who will fight to the
death (they do not fall unconscious at 2HP). The Horn is unaligned;
the warriors will fight for Law or Chaos or any cause. 

Warriors of Podgett, Supernatural Berserkers:
STR 1D6+12 CON 1D6+12 SIZ 2D6+7 INT 2D6+6 POW 2D6+6
DEX 2D6+6 APP 3D6
Hit Points av. 15 **Damage Bonus** av. +1D4
Battle Ax 70%, damage 1D8+1D4+2
Short Spear 70%, damage 1D6+1D4+1
Short Spear (Thrown) 60%, damage 1D6+1+1D2
Armour: Barbarian Leather & Wood (1D8)


How can the line continue, how can the People be saved?
I will adopt you as my third son
And I will mark you with my rune in the presence of these here,
That others may know my will.
For the time of the old kings is ended
And our palaces are ruins.

- Celedril

Griflet is a grim and meticulous elf, allied to Law. He prefers his own company. He is the father of Westley, a fire magician of Moorsh and Buttercup, a priest of Straasha. During the Stormlands Campaign, Griflet acquired his ‘second shadow’, the enigmatic Mysteriones, which enhanced his luck at the expense of his fellows.

Following the Stormlands Campaign, Imric made Griflet the Royal Scout of the Elves, and sent him south to investigate a possible danger to the elven kingdom. Griflet discovered a planned invasion by a sinister race from Limbo, but also a darker evil which threatened the heart of the Elvenhome. Rejoining Prince Eder, Griflet and his rangers Astalin, Briath and Memrian hastened home. When they arrived, nothing was as expected. For the Dragon Bloodbane had invaded Imric’s mind and plunged the elven lands into nightmare. After the Nightmare, Griflet’s adventures continued.

In the aftermath of the Nightmare, Griflet tried to stabilise the factionalism and confusion which arose among the elves after the death of the royal family and many of the nobles. This factionalism came to a head when Griflet duelled Ash of House Protector, attempted to steal one of the Swan Ships and escape with most of the elven army to human lands. Following Ash’s defeat, Griflet gained the ear of more moderate factions and persuaded the elves to relocate to the Lakes of Pleea.

In the Year of the Gorgon, Griflet and Polydices tracked down and killed Bloodbane, and Griflet led an expedition of House Protector back to the lair to recover the treasure. Bloodbane’s death also destroyed the entity known as Mysteriones and Griflet lost his shadow. Griflet then returned to Imric’s Hold, with his companions Kellin, Arborius, Griff the Gallant, Leonore and Windwood. He recovered the Icon of the Dragon and headed with it to the Isle of Zeçy, where in spite of attacks by Wild Elves he reached the tower-tomb of Celedril. Celedril made Griflet his sole heir and restored the Icon of the Dragon to its original state — a Law Stone. Celedril then ordered Griflet to kill him, and what was left of Coryon.

Griflet searched ruined Tovilyis for lore to save his friend Leonore, who had been trapped in Celedril’s tower by strange forces. In Tovilyis he captured then freed a Shawei named Helias. Then he retrieved the Rod of Kulg from Buttercup and used it to destroy Coryon’s Horrible Abomination of Stone on Red Rock. Having fulfilled his oath to Celedril, the Law Stone led him into the Quarmall Barrens where the chaotic desert retreated allowing new life to bloom, the new homeland of the Elves.

Since the founding of Whispering Earth, Lord Griflet has ruled wisely, mustering his forces against external threats from corrupt humans of Lorn Velpa, the Shawei of Tovilyis, the Hek tribesmen of the Quarmall Barrens and the Quarmallians themselves.


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