Landen Donovan

Space-faring dreamer and psychic navigator of the mercenary starship "Free Lunch"


Male Human Psychic Navigator

Skills in bold have increased since last session
15th (Dog) Satyr’s full Moon, Year of the Titan
Raus Fort, Grantlands, Nehwon ( Lord of Three Lands, 10th session) [30/11/2012]

STR 11 CON 14 SIZ 12 INT 14
POW 15 DEX 11 APP 9 EDU 17
Hit Points 9(/13)  Magic (Psi) Points 11/15
Damage Bonus: None
Idea: 70% Luck: 75% Dexterity:55% Charisma:45%
Effort: 55% Stamina: 70% Know: 85%
Age: 28

Weapons: Stun Pistol1 86%, damage 2D6+stun knockback, range 15m, 16(/16) HP
Vibro Knife 75%, damage 2d4+2 bleeding 16(/16) HP
Kite Shield “Shinjurak”2 18%, damage 1D4 + Knockback
1Reduce the target’s armour value by half (round up) for this weapon. Target makes a resistance roll of damage rolled vs. current hit points; failure indicates stun
2Only available to Landen in the Dreamlands, this item can flash with magical light once per day
Armour: None

Skills: Appraise 39%, Bargain 52%, Brawl 48%, Command 12%, Climb 40%, Computer Use 10%, Demolition 04%, Disguise 28%, Dodge 42%, Dreaming 31%, Dream Lore 43%, Drive Land-Skimmer 20%, Fast Talk 12%, First Aid 50%, Gaming 29%, Grapple 28%, Hide 30%, Heavy Machine (Cargo Loader) 24%, Insight 17%, Jump 25%, Knowledge (Human Space) 20%, Listen 64%, Navigate 60%, Intergal-human 70%, Persuade 53%, Fine Manipulation 28%, Pilot Starship 72%, Sailing 06%, Research 34%, Sense 19%, Science (Astronomy) 69%, Science (Physics) 25%, Sleight of Hand 28%, Spot 41%, Stealth 50%, Swim 25%, Teach 17%, Throw 25%, Track 19%

Equipment: Stun Pistol, Vibroknife , stims, credstick & indentity codes, utility belt, fatigues, flashlight, sunglasses, batteries, shambhala

Psychic Abilities: Precognition, rating P6
Sixth Sense 35%, variable PP (+5% to next skill roll per PP expended)
Hint 45%, 1PP (basic information about the area he is about to enter)
Recall 15%, variable PP (recall events exactly, 1PP per hour past)
Forsee Outcome 25%, 3PP (roll to determine outcome then choose to do or not)
Foreshadow 15%, 5PP (reverse one surprise or re-roll one skill check in the next hour of game time)

Psi Points recover at 1d6 per hour
A critical psi check during an adventure allows one check for POW to increase (max 21, does not increase Luck roll). Chance is (difference between current POW and 21) x 5%. POW increases by 1d3-1 if successful.


Right handed

Seeking the Boatman
City of Thran the Lovely
City of Hlanith
Celephais — Captain Aramsham

More Dream Lore than Humanspace knowledge —> fantasy life more important to him than his waking-world

Low Charisma, unremarkable physically (STR and DEX average), isolating job skills (Astronomy, Pilot Starship), poor Insight, reasonably high Stealth and Listen, psychic abilities —> introvert, loner, nerdy (high EDU)

But reasonably high Persuade and Bargain —> can function in society at a mechanistic level, to get what he wants

Would not associate much with the mercs he transports. They would probably shun him and he would be too valuable to ever be allowed to go dirtside on a combat mission. Spends much of his time alone and tends towards escapism.

Notably, his psychic powers have never worked in the Dreamlands. Perhaps it is all a hallucination?

Landen took the Dreaming Stone with him when he departed Nehwon, ostensibly to destroy it.

Landen Donovan

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