A wandering desert shaman from the land of Mnar


Skills in bold have changed since last time:
Day of the Bat (25th), Satyr’s Moon, Year of the Titan
Leaving the ruins of Olathoe ([30/8/2013])

Law 12, Balance 11, Chaos 9
STR 13 CON 13 SIZ 9
INT 16 POW 18 DEX 15 APP 10
Hit Points 6(/11)  Magic Points 18/18
Damage Bonus: None
Idea: 80% Luck: 90% Dexterity:75% Charisma:50%
Age: 20 (b. Day of the Beaver, Satyr’s Moon, 19th Year of the Leviathon)

Weapons: Staff (inscribed with sacred runes) 85%, damage 1D8, 20(/20) HP, Sling 50%, damage 1D8.

Armour: None

Skills: Art 05%, Bargain 21%, Brawl 70%, Climb 54%, Conceal Obj. 45%, Craft (Carpentry) 11%, Craft (Sleight of Hand) 9%, Disguise 35%, Dodge 30%, Dreaming 70%, Dream Lore 60%, Evaluate 35%, Fast Talk 35%, Hide 40%, Insight 68%, Jump 25%, Known Kingdoms 03%, Listen 50%, Move Quietly 40%, Natural World 57%, Navigate 20%, Oratory 49%, Low Lankhmarese 15%, Mnarish 105%, Physik 34%,Pick Lock 25%, Potions 15%, Repair/Devise 80%, Ride 35%, Sailing 15%, Scent/Taste 36%, Search 58%, Sorcery 33%, Swim 25%, Throw 25%, Track 20%, Trap 05%, Unknown Kingdoms 56%, Wrestle 25%

Equipment: Some exotic robes, 20 ‘lucky’ sling pellets, Large satchel and writing/sketching materials, Dried meat and fruits for a few days, Dried fruit casing containing various poisons and antidotes, pouches of coloured powder, ring of bones.

The Skull of Anothotep-Soth

Magic: No specific incantations, but knowledge of the Art
Learning heal spell from Ockasiola the Zebran

Fame: 5

  1. Completing the Moon Quest
  2. Visiting Thran the Beautiful
  3. for rescuing Feroza again in Nehwon from the caverns below Black Mesa
  4. Traversing Horn Gate
  5. Battling the Icewyrm

Wears exotic robes. Slender, deft fingers. Started adventuring Day of the Scorpion, Satyr’s Moon, Year of the Sea-Serpent.

Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar’s ancestors came from Sarnath the splendid in the land of Mnar, though since doom came to that city all have scattered to the four winds. Yet he bears a keepsake from the city, a small grey pebble set in a ring. The pebble is from the ruins of Sarnath’s mighty temple, which like the city is now no more.

Tekna’s ancestors fled from Sarnath’s Doom to the Bnazic Desert, and he grew up here amongst the blue-green sands, trading with the people of the Oases of Phoon and Uk and Ekk’il and the rest. From time to time he has met travellers from lands beyond who have crossed the Poisoned Desert, and thus picked up a smattering of their odd language.

Tech-na is no stranger to the Dreamlands. His experiences are related in the Travels of Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar.

Tech-na accompanied Yucta Axotylata and Landen Donovan on the Moon Quest. In exchange for relating three impossible dreams to the sentry, Tech-na was granted entry to the city of Thran the Beautiful. When they returned to the waking world, Tech-na found himself transported through time and space to the River of Cradles, due to the power of the Dreaming Stone.


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