Yucta Axotylata

Yucta is small of stature, but strong of arm. He is cunning and a Master of herb law.


Skills in bold have changed since last time:
Day of the Mouse (19th), Lovers’ Moon, Year of the Burning Mountain
Lankhmar ([21/3/2021])

Law 43, Balance 27, Chaos 6, Storm Bull 1
STR 17 CON 16 SIZ 12
INT 13 POW 16 DEX 17 APP 12
Hit Points 14(/14)  Magic Points 16/16
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Idea: 65% Luck: 80% Dexterity:85% Charisma:60%
Age: 19

Weapons: Heavy Mace 117% [damage 1D8+2+db, 20(/20) HP]; 2-handed spear 24%, [damage 1D10+1+db]; Net 21%; Flaming torch 10%

Armour: Barbarian leather and wood (1d8-1)

Skills: Art (Singing) 05%, Art (Etiquette) 06%, Bargain 55%, Brawl 50%, Climb 67%, Conceal Obj. 25%, Craft 05%, Disguise 15%, Dodge 60%, Dreaming 16%, Dream Lore 05%, Evaluate 64%, Fast Talk 70%, Hide 30%, Insight 86%, Jump 39%, Known Kingdoms 50%, Listen 75%, Lore (Lankhmar) 18%, Move Quietly 50%, Natural World 74%, Navigate 52%, Oratory 14%, Low Lankhmarese 64%, Boat Speech 25%, Kleshite 85%, Physik 92%, Pick Lock 05%, Potions 82%, Repair/Devise 68%, Ride 49%, River Lore 07%, Sailing 89%, Scent/Taste 57%, Search 109%, Swim 56%, Swim Quietly 16%, Throw 38%, Track 43%, Trap 05%, Unknown Kingdoms 00%, Wrestle 29%, Zola-Fel Cult Knowledge 19%

Reputation: Lankhmar 20%, Thieves’ Guild 07%

Equipment: Backpack, Machete, large knife, canteen, rope, Newtling leather harness (underwater utility belt), Mudshark teeth, Light Orb of the Eldar of Feroda, with leather bag and flap,

  1. 6x scent-enhancing potion (tracking bonus)
  2. 1x healing poultices (for cuts and abrasions)
  3. 1x sticky poison, mild strength (causes violent vomiting)

ben_Tatoo_skull.pngThe Skull of Anothep-thoth, rune-engraved sorcerer’s skull, gives +25% chance to resist magical spells.

Yucta idol1Doubt: Yucta doubts the gods. He has a 5% chance of Divine magic failure. Each time such a spell fails, his Doubt increases by 1-6%.

Magic: Extinguish 07%,
Glue 10%,
Mobility 11%,
Herb Mastery1 84% (-5% per level of spell above 1; 1 MP cost per spell level):

  1. Herb Lore – understand nature, origin and value of any one herb
  2. Enhancement – increase potency of any one growing herb by 100% (one casting per herb allowed)
  3. Herb Finding I – locate any variety of herb within 33m (exact direction, distance, quantity)
  4. Instant Herbal Cures – make any one herb instantly effective (keeps for 1 day/POW of caster)
  5. Herb Mastery II – Double potency of one growing or dead herb (cannot be combined with Enhancement)
  6. Herb Finding III – as Herb Finding I but range 100m
  7. Herb Production – grows a herb from seed in 1-10 rounds (plant is sterile)
  8. Herb Mastery III – As Herb Mastery II except potency is 3 times
  9. Herb Finding IV – As Herb Finding I except range is 166m
  10. Herb Cleansing – Allows caster to remove any harmful poisons, by-products or side-effects from all herbs within 3m
  11. Herb Mastery V – As Herb Mastery II except potency is 5x
    13. Herb Finding X – As Herb Finding I except range is 1 mile. Location is known within 3m.
    15. Herb Mastery X – As Herb Mastery II except potency is 10x
    17. Preserved Instant Herbal Cures – As Instant Herbal Cures (lvl 4) except herb will keep for 1 week per POW of caster

Runes of Zola Fel
hand-with-runes.pngYucta’s palms are tatooed with three runes from the River God Zola Fel in indelible blue symbolising Water, Movement and Harmony. They have the following powers:

  • “Sight be granted by Zola Fel” — River Eyes, 1 MP to cast (spirit magic), allows the user to see through water as if it were air, with no reflections or refraction
  • “Breath be granted by Zola Fel” — Breathe Water2, caster can breathe underwater for 15 mins
  • Extension IV2, allows Breathe Water to be extended to last up to 240 minutes (4 hours)
    The latter two spells can be recharged by a Zola Fel temple ceremony.

Fame: 13 for

  1. being marked by Zola Fel as a River Voice
  2. defeating the Beastmen of Five Eyes Rise
  3. defeating the Colossal Gorp at Harpoon
  4. defeating the chaos menace to the Zola Fel river
  5. journeying to the Moon in the Dreamlands and rescuing Feroza
  6. rescuing Feroza again in Nehwon from the caverns below Black Mesa
  7. traversing Horn Gate
  8. battling the Icewyrm of Olathoe
  9. killing the Icewyrm of Olathoe
  10. rescuing the prisoners of Crag Don from the Wodemen
  11. ridding Lankhmar of the Ape Cult of Simalata
  12. aiding the Temple of Votishal in Lankhmar
  13. Foiling Khahkht’s wintry plans for Lankhmar

1 owed by Storm Bull

1 Spell Law, 2nd ed p.30

2 These are affected by Yucta’s Doubt


Yucta was banished from the Jungles of Klesh for apparently failing in his shamanic duties. This was untrue and has left Yucta rather bitter for having been abandoned by his people and the gods. Now he roams Nehwon making a living by peddling his herbal concoctions. Meeting another rejected soul, Davros Thanatos, they banded together on a journey up the river, each marked by the god Zola Fel.

Six months later, Yucta was lured into the Dreamlands by the mysterious Boatman, Feroza. He joined forces with co-dreamers Landen Donovan and Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar to track down Feroza in the Mansion on the Moon.

Yucta mace

Yucta Axotylata

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