Fountain of Dark Abundunce

Sinister demonic sculpture of black stone


The Fountain of Dark Abundance was a demonic entity in the shape of a fountain. It was created by the Quarmallians to harry the elves during the Elf-Quarmall War. Supplied with elven blood it could produce zombie-like needlemen which haunted the forests and would attack elves on sight.

After the war, the Fountain remained inert at one end of the Plaza of Dark Delights in the city of Lankhmar until it was removed in the 18th Year of the Basilisk by a group of Quarmallians (including Polydices), who presented it to the Grey Man to aid him against Imric and the elves. Oovra used the Rod of Kulg to fracture the fountain and remove one of its gargoyles; this was later found and used by Griflet against Grithir at the battle of the Druid’s Mound in the Stormlands Campaign.

The fountain was smashed by Buttercup with the Rod of Kulg at the Battle of the Fountain Court, Skunk/Seed/Behemoth.

Fountain of Dark Abundunce

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