Rod of Kulg

enchanted weapon

weapon (melee)

The Rod of Kulg is an enchanted weapon originally owned by the Druids of the Stormlands, who kept it in Castle Kulg in the safe-keeping of an appointed guardian (last of whom was Oovra). When the Grey Man acquired the Fountain of Dark Abundance, Oovra used the Rod to crack a gargoyle from it. Oovra replaced the Rod in its hiding place in Castle Kulg, where it was discovered during the Stormlands Campaign by Griflet and Kal Zakath after the Battle of Walthorp Downs. After Zakath’s death, Buttercup acquired the Rod from the Grimlock Caves. Buttercup used the Rod to destroy the Fountain of Dark Abundance at the Battle of the Fountain Court.

Two years later, Griflet borrowed the Rod from Buttercup in order to finally destroy Coryon’s Horrible Abomination of Stone.

Rod of Kulg

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