Swan Ships

Ancient elegant ships of the elves


The Swan Ships are at least a thousand years old, and have endured time and weather. They are graceful, comfortable and fast and may be enchanted. (The wild elf vessels are more like Viking-style longships; the Wild Elves being used to discomfort while travelling). They could hold up to 200 warriors (that would be quite a full ship). The techniques which made the swan ships have probably been lost.

The Swan Ships were originally used by Imric and Coryon to remove their clans from the Isle of Zeçy. After the Nightmare, Griflet used the ships to transport the Elves up the Hlal River from Imric’s Hold to Vardin’s compound. One of the three ships was destroyed by the Wild Elves when Griflet sneaked on to the Blessed Isle.

Swan Ships

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