Adepts of the Ape Cult

Day of the Hare (1st), Black Witches’ Moon, Year of the Titan

The Temple Steps

After dealing with the guards outside, they swaggered up the temple steps and flung open the doors. Greenish fumes wafted out from huge braziers within, where could be seen the indistinct forms of robed priests. Ockasiola loosed a few arrows and the figures scattered. Yucta sniffed the air and recognised the narcotic smell of a potent hallucinogen. He nevertheless charged inside. Immediately he felt light-headed and strange. Odd shadows loomed up at him in the murk. Kee-Ree helped him back to the fresh air.

Let’s split up!

Ockasiola set off at a jog around the south side of the temple. After making sure Yucta was conscious, Blundar followed him. Aranduil and Dorf headed back to the guardroom on the north side. When Yucta recovered from the poison only Kee-Ree was visible; they ran after Dorf and Aranduil.

North: wild baboons

Entering the northern rear guardroom, Aranduil heard a ruckus through one of the archways. He and Dorf piled up furniture against the door to prevent enemy entrance. They located a concealed door nearby and were immediately attacked by a mob of crazed apes in the corridor beyond! An ape bit Dorf in the groin and he fell back.

South: Adepts of the Yellow Mountain

Ockasiola strode into the temple dining room. The far door opened and eight yellow-robed Adepts of the Yellow Mountain entered. They immediately charged the Zebran warrior, who jumped up on the long dining table. Despite his broadsword, the adepts soon surrounded and grappled Ockasiola. They were disturbingly strong. One broke his finger and started to strangle him. He was close to death when Blundar arrived in the doorway with his arquebus ready. One adept fell writhing, but the others mobbed Blundar just as they had Ockasiola.


At last Yucta and Kee-Ree arrived at the guardrooms. Kee-Ree danced north to help Aranduil, slicing the rabid apes left and right. Yucta charged to help Blundar and Ockasiola. He almost suffered the same fate as them; several surrounded him and grabbed him with their Fists of the Ape. But Yucta was almost as strong as them, and he broke free of their grasp. He sent some to their doom with his mace, and then Blundar escaped and rejoined the fight. They were wounded and shaken but victorious.

The baboons and the Adepts of the Yellow Mountain lay dead. But there was the sound of more of them to the north, behind the blocked door. And where was the High Priest, Sog-Sodhi?


nehwon nehwon

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