chronological overview

It is an old saw in the world of Nehwon that the fate of heroes who seek to retire, or of adventurers who decide to settle down, so cheating their audience of honest admirers — that the fate of such can be far more excruciatingly doleful than that of a Lankhmar princess royal shanghaied as a cabin girl aboard an Ilthmar trader embarked on the carkingly long voyage to tropic Klesh or frosty No-Ombrulsk… So when those two humorous dark-side heroes the Grey Mouser and Fafhrd not only left Lankhmar City (where it’s said more than half the action of Nehwon world is) to serve the obscure freewomen Cif and Afreyt of lonely Rime Isle on the northern rim of things, but also protracted their stay there for two years and then three, wiseacres and trusty gossips alike began to say that the Twain were flirting with just such a fate.
Fritz Leiber, The Mouser Goes Below

The years of the Fellowship of Mystery

Year of Feathered Death, Satyr’s Moon

The Mouser Goes Below. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser retire to Rime Isle. Nehwon campaign begins.

Year of the Basilisk

A company of adventurers called the Fellowship of Mystery emerges in the land of Berghof, between Earth’s End and Quarmall

Year of the Leviathon

The Fellowship of Mystery, led by Moon-priest Arden Starfall, become famous throughout Berghof, and gets itself embroiled in sinister black-magic politics

The years of the Stormlands

Year of the Roc

Arden Starfall sacrifices himself to defeat a great evil in crumbling Irilian, south of the Mountains of Darkness. Three young adventurers, including Griflet Graycion are washed ashore in an area of perpetual unrest called the Stormlands. Griflet defeats an Ogre and acquires a ‘lucky’ second shadow — which is unlucky for all around him. A mercenary named Christian of the High Passes raids the Red God’s Temple in Lankhmar

Year of the Dragon

Toxic nature-worshippers and feuding bandit-barons dominate the Stormlands, threatening even the security of the aloof forest people. Who is the sinister Grey Man, and how are the Quarmallians involved? Griflet seeks help from his melancholy king Imric

Year of the Behemoth

Griflet and his band confront the Grey Man in his Citadel of Thorns in the Briar Wood of the Stormlands. A mighty battle: the Grey Man is defeated and his venomous followers scattered. Griflet gains a royal appointment

Year of the Ogre

Power shifts in the Stormlands. Griflet heads south in pursuit of a figurehead. A warrior-woman named Daphne organises resistance against the old lords. In the Great Grassy Ocean south of the Great Salt Marsh, a centaur sets out on a quest. Daphne is killed by the giant of Tresswck, and the Stormlands falls again into disarray. King Imric goes mad and a monster descends on his forest kingdom. Griflet, the centaur and a rag-tag band of adventurers face dark dreams in the wood and confront the dragon. The dragon flees but leaves devastation and corpses aplenty behind

The years of Law and Chaos

Year of the Gorgon

On the Old Coast south of Ilthmar, Quarn the Mingol Sorcerer and Lucidia, an assassin of Ilthmar join forces in the town of Kadesh to hunt down the bandit king Horn Hulfing. Griflet does what he can to help his shattered kingdom. He hunts and slays the dragon, rids himself of his second shadow, organises his people’s exodus from the forest to a new land — Black Earth’s Bloom — in the north of the Quarmall Barrens, and mounts an expedition to the mysterious island of Zeçy in the Sea of the East

Year of the Lamia

Quarn and Lucidia penetrate Horn Hulfing’s fortress Ka-Zoza. They slay him, his lieutenant Gaspar D’Ool, as well as the undead Diamond Knight Lord Zartek and his undead minions. They loot the fortress but run aground with their treasure on the Sinking Land. Hulfing’s gypsy relatives lay siege to Kadesh, driving sailor Morgan of Vil-Ning across the Sea of the East. In Black Earth’s Bloom, Griflet, now king, builds his strength and dispenses justice. He explores the Isle of Xenophon and is briefly transported to the Isle of Oriab in the Dreamlands’ southern sea

The year of adventure across Nehwon, and beyond

Year of the Sea Serpent


Quarn and Lucidia sail to the Sea King’s domain to seek a magical black pearl for Ningauble of the Seven Eyes. The angry Sea King makes a wild storm which blows another group of adventurers — one of whom is Christian of the High Passes — to the village of Earth’s End. Strange adventures ensue with Blue Men, giant coffins, cross-dressing rogues and Shark cultists.
Returning to Lankhmar they encounter excessive violence and fights over gold. Sheelba of the Eyeless Face tells them a Gold Demon threatens Lankhmar and that they must recover stashes of poisonously enchanted gold from all over the city. Christian and his group melt down the gold and banish the demon.


Quarn and Lucidia track down beastmen in the Great Forest, and disappear in a warren of tunnels. Far to the south of Berghof, adventurers such as Corg Kilarn, Cyric and explorer Ronaldo Vasquez are drawn to the Dunmere Hills where the remnants of a skeletal army lurks — and there is a bounty on each skull. They cross swords not only with skeletons and cultists but with the famous Glorious Company, a band of adventurers who have been cooking the books and claiming false bounties.
Cyric returns victorious to his home town of Tulan in southern Berghof where he aids a group of vigilantes called the Black Hats. On the other side of the Mountains of Hunger, King Griflet leads a scouting party deep into the hellish Quarmall Barrens to confront a Quarmallian agent. In the distant land of Mnar, Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar studies dream lore with Grandfather Wa’aii

The years of gods and dreams

Year of the Titan

In the wild and magical lands on the south coast of the Lankhmar Continent, Quarmallian Davros Thanatos and Kleshite shaman Yucta Axotylata meet and are ‘blessed’ by the river god Zola Fel. They make their way up the mighty river to the ancient ruin of Big Rubble, where they defeat a great menace to the river. Months later, Yucta has a mysterious waking dream about the Moon. He joins forces with fellow dreamers Landen Donovan and Tech-na-Chuk-Chuk-Wakae-Hazar to rescue the third River Voice Feroza the Boatman, first in the Dreamlands and then back in Nehwon. Yucta, Tech-na and a couple of Chaos Hunters of Pavis journey to Horn Gate and pass through a magical portal to the frozen north lands. There they find an ancient sorcerer’s skull, aid the Northmen against their enemies and eventually make their way to Lankhmar. There they sell the Icewyrm’s skull to a wizard and defeat two dark cults.

Year of the Burning Mountain

Yucta Axotylata, Aranduil and Ockasiola solve a murder mystery for Votishal and gain a reputation for solving difficult religious problems in Lankhmar. Various priests seek their help when the city suffers from a brutal and drawn-out winter caused by sorcery.

chronological overview

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