Earth's End

It all began with an unseasonable storm caused by the fury of the Sea King (actually directed at Quarn and Lucidia). On the Night of the Bat in White Witches’ Moon in the Year of the Sea Serpent, a ship bound for Lankhmar from Ool Hrusp across the Inner Sea was blown off course and badly damaged near the remote village of Earth’s End. On board the ship were the adventurers Maelin, Cunelas, Christian of the High Passes and Black Arrow the Highwayman.

Upon disembarking at Earth’s End, the four decided to drown their sorrows at the Igibord’s World’s End Tavern, the only pub in town. Inside they found the rest of the menfolk of the village, drinking and waiting until dawn when they would participate in an unusual local ceremony – the making of the Greenwitch. The four learned from lutist Tandy Gilliam (who made eyes at Black Arrow) that every year the Greenwitch was re-made by the village women and then cast into the sea by the men to keep at bay the evil spirit of Seabeard, a pirate king who once lorded over Earth’s End, but whose atrocities had eventually caused the villagers to rise up and cast him out.

There were many queer dealings in town that night. Maelin observed strange dealings between three surly black-clothed adventurers and a wagoneer (actually Erei) with a strange cargo of giant coffins. Cunelas thought to spice things up by dressing as a woman – he narrowly avoided being seduced by Numinante Thief-taker, the town sherrif.

At dawn the whole of the tavern crowd, including the four heroes wandered up to the headlands to cast the Greenwitch – a huge construction of green saplings, wicker and stones – into the foaming ocean. While this ceremony took place Christian of the High Passes and Black Arrow noticed that it was observed from a distance by a mysterious giant blue figure. Giving chase into the dunes north of Earth’s End, Christian, Maelin, Cunelas and Black Arrow arrived at a blowhole in which floated the decapited body of another giant blue man. In the vicinity were tracks both human and giant. Maelin suspected the men in black. Perplexed, the group noticed a wrecked ship in a far inlet, and rode to investigate. The ship turned out to be the Shark, Seabeard’s old vessel. Inside Black Arrow found the pirate’s old telescope. Through it he observed the men in black sailing to a nearby island and dragging a third blue body to their boat.

That evening, back at Earth’s End, Maelin confronted the men in black with evidence of the dead Blue Men. The three agreed to re-imburse Maelin in return for guidance to the body’s location the next day. They intended to slay Maelin but were ambushed in the misty dawn instead by Christian and Black Arrow. Christian killed one, and the others fled Earth’s End. From the ambush site, Black Arrow noticed a ruined structure in the distant dunes and the four journeyed to an old dome, where they met the third Blue Man. Unable to communicate, he scratched symbols in the sand which suggested to Cunelas and the others that some strange event would occur at the new moon three days hence.

Returning to Earth’s End after their strange meeting, the group was joined by the young knight Albrecht von Linden and (while Black Arrow and Tandy Gilliam had a tryst at the wreck of the Shark) they explored the island house where Seabeard had been banished, and found evidence that he had been involved with a bizaare Shark Cult. Exploring further, they found a sacrificial pool and temple among the steep cliffs to the south of Earth’s End. There they captured a cultist (who they handed over to Numinante) and a gold-bound book.

That night, the night of the new moon, there were mysterious happenings in Earth’s End. A storm blew up. Shark cultists led by local locksmith Valinwan attacked Numinante and liberated their comrade and book. Hearing the attack, the heroes charged from the World’s End Tavern to ambush the cultists and rescue Numinante. Meanwhile the Blue Man stomped through Earth’s End to nearby Moon Crab Beach where he hoped to divine the future from the movement of the Moon Crabs.

On the beach, the Blue man informed Albrecht that he sought a magical cup which was held by the skeleton of Seabeard in the tendrils of the Greenwitch. Von Linden agreed to dive for the cup, aided by the Blue Man’s magic which would allow him to breathe underwater. But the Greenwitch was angry and unwilling to relinquish the grail. Albrecht persuaded her to accept the golden tome as her ‘secret’ in exchange for the cup. Nevertheless the Greenwitch tried to harm Albrecht, but the Blue Man rescued him, whereupon both cup and Blue Man vanished.

The next day the storm passed and a grateful Numinante offered his thanks to the party. He helped them salvage the Shark and when their wounds were healed they sailed away from Earth’s End.

Earth's End

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