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The Nehwon Campaign

“Sundered from us by gulfs of time and stranger dimensions dreams the ancient world of Nehwon with its towers and skulls and jewels, its swords and sorceries. Nehwon’s known realms crowd about the Inner Sea: northward the green-forested fierce Land of the Eight Cities, eastward the steppe-dwelling Mingol horsemen and the desert where caravans creep from the rich Eastern Lands and the River Tilth. But southward, linked to the desert only by the Sinking Land and further warded by the Great Dike and the Mountains of Hunger, are the rich grainfields and walled cities of Lankhmar, eldest and chiefest of Nehwon’s lands.”

— Induction, Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber

This site is an adjunct to the main Nehwon campaign page. The information here is for currently running adventures; older material and maps can be found on the older site. The Nehwon campaign uses the Elric! (Stormbringer) rules.

The most recently completed adventure was the Horn Gate adventure, in which our heroes explored a mysterious portal which transported them from the far south of the Lankhmar Continent to a ruined city in the frozen north of Nehwon. Currently we are playing an adventure based in part on Jon Ossoway’s The Savage North.

The last few adventures have orbited far from the centre of Nehwon (ostensibly Lankhmar, City of the Black Toga if you believe the map-makers); from the unknown southern Lankhmar Continent to the Dreamlands to the far north.

We tend to have a Nehwon session every couple of months, though my group plays an rpg session of some type monthly.

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