Older campaigns

The Nehwon campaign is old. Here are descriptions of the campaigns before Obsidian Portal, going back to 1989.

Tulan Campaign

(April — May 2006; 2 sessions). Are the Black Hats of Tulan abbott-abducting bandits or freedom fighters with a family dispute?

Dunmere Hills Campaign

(April — June 2005; 4 sessions). Adventurers answer the call to clean up the undead remnants of Dunmere Hills.

The Greedy City

(September 2002 and April 2003; 3 sessions). A demon of greed disguised as a pile of gold coins infests the City of the Black Toga.

Quarn’s Grimoire

(April 2001 — June 2002; 4 sessions) Quarn the Mingol Sorcerer, servant of Chaos ventures into the Great Forest

Earth’s End

(Autumn 2001; 3 sessions). Strange and magical misadventures in an isolated seaport, involving Blue Men, a golden cup, love, jealousy, cultists and a vengeful sea spirit.

Wizard’s Quest Campaign

(summer 1999 — summer 2001; 5 sessions). Lucidia the Spider and Quarn the Mingol Sorcerer seek the Sea King’s Pearl for Ningauble of the Seven Eyes.

Griflet’s Adventures

(November 1997 — April 2007; 29 sessions by post and email) Grim, steadfast Griflet, rules Nehwon’s newest land

Old Coast Campaign

(Autumn 1997 — Winter 1998; 13 sessions). The prince of Kadesh offers a reward for the destruction of bandits holed up in the stronghold of an ancient knightly order

Journeys of Quarn the Mingol Sorcerer

Stormlands 2 Campaign

(Summer 1994 dragging on ridiculously to Autumn 1997; 19 sessions). White knight Daphne tries to reunite the Stormlands while Griflet undertakes a mission for a dying king. This was the first campaign to use the Elric! system, and it was unfortunately quite deadly for a number of Stormlands characters.

Stormlands Campaign

(September until November, 1993; 4 sessions). The wild Stormlands to the south of Lankhmar are threatened by corrupt druids. This was an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2nd ed. game).

Fellowship of Mystery Campaign

(1989) Set on the western Lankhmar continent. A band of adventurers form to combat evil and amass magical power in the land of Berghof. This was an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2nd ed. game).

Older campaigns

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