Places the Twain never visited

They wandered the world of Nehwon south, east, north, and west, seeking forgetfulness of their first great loves and their first great guilts and finding neither. They ventured east past mystic Tisilinilit with its slender, opalescent spires. which always seemed crystallized out of its humid, pearly skies, to lands that were legends in Lankhmar and even Horborixen. One amongst many was the skeletally shrunken Empire of Eevamarensee, a country so decadent, so far-grown into the future, that all the rats and men are bald and even the dogs and cats are hairless.

The Circle Curse, Fritz Leiber

But there were some places in the world where even Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser did not set foot.

Places of the Nehwon campaign

Places the Twain never visited

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