The Greedy City

The Greedy City Adventure began (after the events of the Earth’s End Adventure) on the Day of the Raven in Murderer’s Moon, the Year of the Sea Serpent. When the Shark docked in Lankhmar, Christian of the High Passes immediately became involved in a fight between disgruntled merchants Arrun D’Or and Quarrymaster Bazar. On their way to the Silver Eel tavern in the Tenderloin District, Christian, Maelin, Cunelas, Black Arrow and Albrecht von Linden noticed a disturbing amount of fights and violence over money in the city.

At the Silver Eel Christian and Albrecht scared away some representatives of the Thieves’ Guild, to tavernkeeper Bragi’s relief. Christian renewed his membership in the Slayers’ Brotherhood while the others purchased arms from the Plaza of Dark Delights. Maelin spotted the mysterious wagoneer from Earth’s End, but lost him in the crowd. Meanwhile Albrecht von Linden was arrested by the city guard for suspicious armament, but Cunelas and Christian managed to fast-talk Albrecht’s parents into providing the bribe to free Albrecht.

Maelin and Black Arrow watched a festival in which a Beastman cultist was burned alive, then followed the wagoneer (who was also at the festival) back to a tenement in the Tenderloin, while Cunelas enjoyed a performance at the Grand Playhouse a few blocks away. Maelin and Black Arrow staked out the wagoneer’s house for a while, then returned to the Silver Eel for reinforcements. At midnight the group, joined by Grierdon Ithrain returned to raid the wagoneer’s house.

Black Arrow managed to sneak past the sleeping wagoneer Erei and his unconscious master Oorn and ransacked the desk, but accidentally knocked Cunelas from the window and alerted Erei. The group escaped thanks to some fast-talking by Grierdon. Cunelas and Albrecht returned to Erei’s later, but he was awake. They escaped back to the Silver Eel.

The next day (the day of the Spider), after examining the captured papers, the group learned of a pouch sold by Oorn to the merchant Finester, who had become a recluse in his walled mansion. Christian, Grierdon and Albrecht learned that Finester had refused to pay his stonemason Stiv D’Or. They agreed to recover the debt for Stiv’s brother Arrun.

Meanwhile back at Erei’s place, Maelin and Black Arrow observed Erei attempting to smuggle the unconscious Oorn out of the city in a magically speedy wagon (after setting his house on fire). Maelin jumped on board and grabbed Oorn. The wagon sped out of the Grand Gate. Maelin took Oorn to the Sorceror’s Guild, then to a herbalist in Bones Alley and finally to the Temple of Mog, whose priest advised Maelin to seek Sheelba of the Eyeless Face in the Great Salt Marsh. After a ride into the swamp, Maelin met Sheelba, who told him that Lankhmar was threatened by a demon who takes the form of pieces of gold. Using a special potion he must sniff the gold out and melt it down with the magical metal Oricalchum to kill the demon.

Early in the morning, while Maelin consulted Sheelba, Cunelas, Christian, Albrecht, Grierdon and Black Arrow raided Finester’s walled manse. This was not too hard because Finester’s unpaid guards were easily bribed. Cunelas and Black arrow tormented the merchant to within an inch of his life and he finally relinquished his gold and his pouch. Albrecht and Black Arrow each took a large share of the merchant’s gold (Black Arrow takes the pouch and later discards it); Christian takes just Stiv D’or’s share. Black Arrow and Albrect soon became affected by the power of the gold demon. Albrecht booked passage back to Berghof with his treasure while Black Arrow, after obsessively counting his gold, decided to return to the merchant’s house for more. There he was captured by Christian, Maelin (who had returned from Sheelba’s hut), Cunelas and Grierdon.

Using the magical potion of Sheelba, Maelin tracked down Albrecht to the Far Wanderer at the docks. The situation looked ugly – Albrecht was fed up with his former companions – but fast talking combined with sincerity from Cunelas and Grierdon saved the day, and Albrecht reluctantly agreed to give up his gold.

Maelin found another gold stash at Stiv D’Or’s, but he was chased away by the guards. Cunelas disguised himself as a healer, persuaded the suspicious Stiv to hold his breath and close his eyes, then knocked him out and stole his gold. The group buried the gold near a tomb outside Lankhmar, vowing to return with Oricalchum (from the Blue Mens’ coffins in Earth’s End) to put an end to the demon.

A few days later, the group set sail for Earth’s End (leaving Albrecht von Linden and Black Arrow to go their separate ways) after recruiting a new captain, Kurt D’Karo and the irrepressible Mingol, Warren the Wit. They retrieved the oricalchum coffins from the World’s End Tavern and returned to Lankhmar, to the site of the buried Gold Demon. A mysterious bush had sprouted on the spot, surrounded by mindless servants of the demon. After a brief battle, the bush and its minions were destroyed. Cunelas, Maelin and Christian melted down the gold in one of the coffins, and the Gold Demon was finally destroyed.

The Greedy City

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